10/6/13: Enjoying The Ride Of Your Life (Part 1)

Navigating the Middle School years is a lot like whitewater rafting down Pennsylvania’s Upper Youghiogheny River…

“The Upper Youghiogheny…drops an impressive average of 115′+ per mile in the 5-mile long middle canyon. Over 20 major rapids are hurled at you in continuous non-stop action. Class V Rapids like Charlie’s Choice, Tommy’s Hole, Heinserling, Meat Cleaver, and Lost and Found get your heart pumping and test your paddling skills. The river sluices around and through boulder-choked drops — some with 5-8′ tall waterfalls. Brace yourself, pay attention, and be ready for some adrenalin pumpin’ free radical fighting fun!”

On Sunday we began a four-week series exploring four “rapids” that characterize the turbulent, whitewater years of Middle School:

  • Mind Bender (maturing mental ability)
  • World Wide Wipeout (widening world and its influences)
  • Body Blow (physical and hormonal changes)
  • Relationship Riptide (growing emphasis on peer relationships)

The Middle School Mind

As we transition from childhood to adulthood, remarkable things are taking place in our brains. Knowing the characteristics of “the middle school mind” can help us maximize its potential and steer clear of some of its dangers.

The Middle School mind:

  • Thinks more logically and abstractly
  • Asks hard questions
  • Loves to catch adults’ mistakes
  • Debates anything and everything

Because of all the craziness associated with registering 127 students and passing out binders and pens, we only made it through the first part of Sunday’s teaching. But the students seemed to have fun with an icebreaker game called “How Did You Spend Your Summer” and our first two prize-winners got their hands into the candy jar. Next Sunday we will finish teaching about the Middle School Mind and give students a chance to prove their mental mettle with an in-class debate. Teaching notes and handouts will be posted with next week’s entry.

12:13 is off and running…may the Creator of all these sharp, active minds be honored by all that we do and learn together!


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