Girls Triumph In Bible Bowl I!

Our month-long study of Deuteronomy came to an exciting conclusion on Sunday with Bible Bowl I, a 50-question challenge in which teams of three and four competed for the coveted trophy. Students tackled a range of questions — here is a sample:

  • For how long did Israel mourn the death of Moses?
  • Which tribe was set apart by God to carry the ark of the covenant?
  • What major Israelite ceremony was held in the month of Abib?

Bible Bowl 1 Competition

All students competed at Level 1 (20 questions). The top four teams at each grade level competed against one another at Level 2 (20 questions). For the championship round, the top team from each grade (including two 6th-grade teams that tied) plus a “Wild Card” team deliberated over the final 10 questions. All five final teams demonstrated great poise under pressure and deserve commendation for their knowledge of Scripture. But thanks to months of disciplined study, one team rose to the top and claimed this year’s Bible Bowl trophy. Congratulations Lilly, Bethany, Abigail, and Alyssa!

Bible Bowl 1 Champs

I know some boys who have already started studying for our next Bible Bowl (March 30, 2014) on the Gospel of Mark…

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