Take The 12:13 Bible Reading Challenge!

As announced in class, I am once again challenging all 12:13 students to  read through the entire Bible in a year! (Or two years, if you and your parents think that would be a better pace for you.)

On the first Sunday of each month, we will get an update on student progress and give out small rewards for those who are on track. A special pizza party and prizes await all those who meet their goal by midnight on December 31, 2014.

For a copy of the Bible reading plan, click below.

Bible Reading Plan

Those students attempting to read the entire Bible in one year should read all four columns. Those who plan to read the Bible in two years should read Column 1 (Gospels) and Column 3 (Wisdom literature) the first year and Column 2 and Column 4 the second year. Please print out a copy and check off each reading assignment when completed. To receive their monthly reward, students will need to bring their Bible Reading Plan with them to class on the first Sunday of each month.

If parents wish to follow the ESV Bible Online — Through The Year Plan (see link on right side of blog) or a different Bible reading plan instead, please email details to Mr. Somerville by noon on January 1 to get approval.

May God open your eyes and heart to see amazing things in his wonderful Word!

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  1. Frances Blendermann

    Will this Bible reading plan be the same as the Bible reading plan that Josh talked about today in church? It would be nice if parents and kids are reading the same thing so that they can talk about it.

    • It’s not the same plan. I don’t believe the church-wide plan will cover the entire Bible in a year, so it would not meet the requirements of the 12:13 challenge. But if parents prefer to follow the church-wide plan as a family, I think that’s great!

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