5/11/14: Modern Parables 1: Hidden Treasure

We began a new series in 12:13 this week called “Modern Parables.” Using a video-based curriculum, we will be learning about the Kingdom of God through six of the Savior’s parables…re-told in a contemporary way through the power of film.

This Sunday we began with the parable of the Hidden Treasure (Matthew 13:44). The short film told the story of a discouraged real estate agent who, after failing to sell a derelict property, discovers that it is oozing with oil. He persuades his wife to sell all that they have — the house, the silverware, even the wedding dishes! — so that they can afford to buy this piece of land. The neighbors think they are crazy, and even their attorney tries to talk them out of the transaction. But they sign the papers and end up with the top three oil companies in America competing to buy the drilling rights to their land.

It’s a compelling story — one that drives home four important lessons about the Kingdom of God:

  • It’s priceless
  • It reveals itself to us unexpectedly
  • We should take radical action to get it
  • Getting the Kingdom changes everything about our life!

As a class we discussed what the parable tells us about…

  • Our duty — What should we do in response? The answer is obvious — we should strive to obtain the “hidden treasure” of the Kingdom!
  • Our character — Who should we be? We should be men and women who seek first the Kingdom of God.
  • Our goals — Where should we go? Our life choices should always lead us toward God and his Kingdom.
  • Our values — What will we prize? Though the world will think we are crazy, like the first disciples we are willing to leave boats, nets, careers, and everything else behind in order to follow Jesus Christ. No sacrifice is too great to obtain this “hidden treasure”!

12-13 Teaching Notes 5-11-14

Modern Parables Part 1 5-11-14

12-13 Student Handout 5-11-14


  • What is the real treasure Jesus is talking about in Matthew 13:44?
  • Does it seem like a treasure to you?
  • What would you be willing to give up in order to get God’s Kingdom?
  • Are there people who would think you were crazy or stupid if you “sold all” to get this treasure?
  • Have you given up everything to get the Kingdom…or are there things you are holding back?

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