6/1/14: Modern Parables 4: The Widow and The Judge

This Sunday we continued our “Modern Parables” series by discussing the Parable of The Widow and the Judge (Luke 18:1-8). The video version of the story dramatically portrayed a poor, elderly African-American widow seeking justice at the hands of an arrogant judge in a small southern town. As he ignored her case day after day, she was tempted to quit. But she persevered. And through her silent vigil at the courthouse, she eventually wore him down and got a hearing. The lesson that Jesus wanted his disciples — and us — to learn from the story is clear: PRAY WITH FAITH AND DON’T GIVE UP!

We need that kind of reminder when it comes to prayer. We can easily lose heart when our prayers aren’t answered right away. We lose sight of the goodness and faithfulness of God. And that’s why our Lord’s story of the widow and judge is so powerful. If such an arrogant, self-centered man could be moved to action by the persistence of this humble woman, how much more will the merciful and generous Judge be moved to action by our persistent prayers?

Parents, some questions for follow-up discussion are provided below. I hope you can take some time to review these with your son and daughter. And before you’re finished, set aside some time to practice what you’ve learned…in prayer.

12-13 Teaching Notes 6-1-14

Modern Parables (4) 6-1-14

12-13 Student Handout 6-1-14


  • Is there anything that keeps you from praying consistently and with faith?
  • How should we respond when God’s answer to our prayer is “no”?
  • Are you convinced that God cares for you?
  • How can I pray for you at this time of your life?

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