6/8/14: Modern Parables 5: The Sower

This past Sunday we turned our attention to the first parable Jesus ever told: The Parable ofThe Sower (Matthew 13:1-9, 18-23). It is one of the few parables which Jesus explained to his disciples, so we know just what he sought to communicate about the hearts of his hearers. The seed of God’s Word will flourish or wither depending on what type of soil (heart) it lands on.

When God’s Word is sown on hard hearts, it never even penetrates the soil — the enemy snatches it away. When the seed falls on rocky hearts, it springs up quickly, but because it can’t put down deep roots it shrivels and dies in the heat of trial or opposition. The Word may experience some growth in hearts infested with weeds of worldly desires, but eventually it gets choked out and proves unfruitful. However, when God’s Word falls on responsive hearts, it bears an abundant harvest.

As I ended my teaching, I spoke candidly to the students, asking them to evaluate the condition of their own hearts. I expressed my gratefulness that many in this class appear to have eager, responsive hearts. But I also communicated my concern that some might have hard hearts, and that the enemy was waiting to snatch away any truth they may have heard.

As you review this lesson with your students, let me encourage you to discuss the self-evaluation exercise I gave to them as well as the discussion questions (both listed below). I pray that God fills you with his grace to cultivate the soil in your child’s heart, helping it remain soft and responsive to God’s precious Word.


On a scale of 1 (bad) to 10 (good), rate yourself:
___ I take God and His Word seriously
___ I diligently read the Word
___ I faithfully obey the Word
___ I uproot weeds of worldly desires
___ I see a good harvest of righteousness in my life

12-13 Teaching Notes 6-8-14

Modern Parables (5) 6-8-14

12-13 Student Handout 6-8-14


  • Is your heart hard or soft to the Word of God? How can you tell?
  • Have your spiritual convictions ever been tested? Have you ever had to take a stand for your faith?
  • Where does your heart need some “weed killer”?
  • Where do you see evidence in your life that God’s Word is producing a harvest of righteousness?

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