Introduction: Welcome To 12:13!

The chairs were in place…the handouts were printed…the PowerPoint was projected…the candy jar was full…and suddenly here they came, 99 boys and girls eager to start a new year in our Middle School class. What a joy it was to greet them as they came through the doors — many familiar faces, some new faces, all bright faces. God has richly blessed our church with children, and I know I speak for all the pastors in expressing my gratitude for parents who are working tirelessly to raise these youth in the discipline and instruction of the Lord (Ephesians 6:4).

After registering all of our new students and passing out binders and pens, we used Sunday’s class to introduce the goals and guidelines for this weekly class. All the details are included in the attached orientation notes, but here are some key points:

Theme Verse: “Fear God and keep his commandments…” (Ecclesiastes 12:13)

Motto: One Fear. One Hope. One Gospel.

Our Guides: Holy Spirit, Scripture, Parents, and Pastors

Our Attitudes: Focused, Eager, Active, and Resolved

Our Goals: Grow in amazement at the gospel, in knowledge of Scripture, in love for God and the church, in service to others, and in vision for reaching our world

To view the teaching notes and student handout for this orientation session, see below:

12-13 Orientation Notes 9-6-14

12-13 Orientation Handout 9-7-14

Here are some of the other administrative details we covered:

  • Free 12:13 binders are provided to every new student in class. Students should bring these to class each week in order to collect class handouts.
  • If a returning student has lost his/her binder, replacement binders are available for $3. They will be available for purchase each week in class.
  • Middle School students are expected to be with their parents in the main Auditorium for the first part of the adult service. During announcements (approximately 10:30 AM), they will be dismissed out the center doors at the rear of the Auditorium, where they will be escorted to the Edwards Room by 12:13 parent volunteers. Attendance will be taken in class and students will be fully supervised until the end of the adult service. At that point, students will be dismissed from class. Parents should arrange where to meet their students after the service.
  • Parents are strongly encouraged to review the weekly 12:13 teaching with their student(s). Questions for discussion between parent and student are included on each weekly student handout. Also, teaching notes and student handouts will be posted on this blog site each week.

With your active support, parents, the 12:13 Class offers Middle School students a weekly opportunity to dig into substantial biblical teaching within a fun, creative, action-packed context. Please join us in praying that God helps every student make the most of these pivotal years for the glory of God!

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