9/21/14: God Fights For His People!

Some of the students looked a bit nervous as they came into class on Sunday. An imposing seven-foot wall of black pads enclosed the seating area. As they would soon discover, they had entered the ancient city of Jericho. They had stepped back in time and become part of that remarkable event when God triumphed on behalf of his people.

Guest teacher Todd Keeler, who has taught and coached for years at Covenant Life School, encouraged the students to use their imagination as they revisited this familiar story found in Joshua 6. As he recounted the Israelites’ exodus from Egypt, their crossing of the Jordan River, and their seven days of marching around Jericho, he stressed two main points:

  • Faith in God’s promises leads to courageous obedience
  • Courageous obedience leads to victory

At the end of his lesson, he assembled these Middle School Israelites and directed them to march silently around the outside of the city wall. And once again, with a shofar blast and a shout from the soldiers, God fought for his people. The walls miraculously collapsed. And perhaps even more miraculously, rather than looting and plundering the city, the soldiers returned to their seats and finished the lesson.

It may seem like a kids’ story, but what happened that day at Jericho offers such hope and encouragement to believers of all ages. God keeps his promises! He fights for his people! May those truths embolden us to obey him today, no matter how wide the Jordan or how high the Jericho walls.

12-13 Student Handout 9-21-14



  • For Student: How can I grow in courageous obedience motivated by gospel promises?
  • For Parent: Share with your child ways you have seen God keep His promises.


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