10/5/14: Others (Part 2)

12-13 Tools Temp 2

Last week we introduced our mini-series on “Others” by talking about How To Meet And Make A Friend. This Sunday we explored what a healthy, growing friendship looks like once it is established. Using the analogy of buying a new car, we helped the students see that after 50,000 miles the car which ran and smelled and looked so good when you drove it off the lot is going to need some routine maintenance…and so will our relationships. Thus the focus of our second lesson: How To Maintain A Friendship.

12-13 Tools Temp 3

Students spent the bulk of the class rotating from station to station as they explored ten tools for maintaining strong friendships. At each station they worked together as a small group to:

  • Look up passages describing one of the “one anothers” in Scripture
  • Discuss specific ways that they as a group had followed (or not) the biblical command in their own relationships
  • Identify a specific way that they as individuals could apply this tool in their own friendships in the future

12-13 Temp Tools 1

Each group only had 2.5 minutes at each station — I was impressed to see how well they focused and worked together. (I think the promise of candy jar prizes for the winning team may have helped!) Through their study and discussion they were able to identify these ten biblical tools and consider ways to use them in their own relationships:

  • Tool #1: Serve one another
  • Tool #2: Bear with one another
  • Tool #3: Be kind to one another
  • Tool #4: Forgive one another
  • Tool #5: Bear one another’s burdens
  • Tool #6: Put others first
  • Tool #7: Stir one another up to good deeds
  • Tool #8: Encourage one another
  • Tool #9: Confess sins to one another
  • Tool #10: Pray for one another

Parents, there is a lot of good material here to explore — much more than we can in one class period on Sunday morning. Though I plan to review this with the students next Sunday, let me encourage you to do the same. For a copy of the student handout (with all the Scriptures included), click here:

12-13 Student Handout 10-5-14

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