3/29/15: Pilgrim’s Progress (10) — Battling The Prince Of Darkness

On Sunday we resumed “Pilgrim’s Progress” in the Valley of Humiliation, where Christian immediately encountered the demonic fiend Apollyon. When Apollyon learned that Christian was from the City of Destruction, he announced that he was prince of that city and demanded allegiance. Christian informed the monster that he had chosen to enter the service of another prince — the King of princes. Apollyon bribed, threatened, and accused Christian but could not shake the pilgrim’s resolve. “To speak the truth,” confessed Christian, “I like His Work, His Wages, His Servants, His Government, His Company, and His Country better than yours. Therefore, quit trying to persuade me; for I am His servant, and I will follow Him.”

At this, Apollyon roared in rage and shot flaming arrows “thick as hail.” The combat lasted half a day. Despite his brave defense, Christian suffered multiple wounds and increasing weakness. Seizing his opportunity, Apollyon threw Christian to the ground,knocking his sword from his hand. “I have you beaten now!” exulted the fiend as he prepared to deliver the death blow.

But Christian, though crushed, was not destroyed. With the promises of God’s Word on his lips, he grasped his sword and thrust it into the monster. Apollyon backed away, mortally wounded. Echoing the battle cry that has carried countless Christians through spiritual warfare, the pilgrim struck again, proclaiming, “In all these things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us!” With that, Apollyon took wing and flew away, never to trouble Christian again.

The young pilgrims in the class learned two main truths. First, God wisely allows us to experience trials “in the valley” in order to strengthen our love and faith. Second, the Word of God is our most reliable weapon when we engage in spiritual battle.

Parents, look for an opportunity to discuss these truths with your children. Help them respond to the closing questions posed in class:

  • Where is the Enemy attacking me?
  • What Scripture will force him to flee?

Finally, remind them of the glorious gospel, which declares that we are more than conquerors through the great Prince — the King of princes — who loved and died for us.

12-13 Teaching Notes 3-29-15

Pilgrim’s Progress (10) 3-29-15

12-13 Student Handout 3-29-15

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